Hi! I’m Sangyu/'sun-you/

I am an industrial designer and programmer from China (China citizenship, US green card). I obtained a B.S. degree in Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati and will attend Harvard University for a Master in Design Engineering in 2023.

My research interest focuses on accessibility in healthcare. My design philosophy takes root in integration and pragmatism. I believe that a good design needs to be necessary—it needs to be a useful and affordable invention. I design for positive impact by integrating technology with the spare resources we have.

A bit about me


United States

Moving to the States for college marked the arousal of my passion for design. Despite seven years of drawing, it wasn't until I visited MoMA in NYC that I truly began to believe that being a designer could be my career. Immediately, I gave up computer science.


University of Cincinnati

Transferred to Industrial Design in DAAP, I gained 5 co-op experiences in design consultancies and corporations, including:
- Space designer at Mauk Design
- UX designer at Starform (Japan)
- industrial designer at Bally Design and Herbst Produkt.


Work in Japan

Working as a UX designer in Japan was my happiest and most adventurous time. Despite being alone and having language barriers, I embraced the challenge of working and living in a foreign country. After three months, I was speaking Japanese fluently, had made many new friends, and had even traveled to 11 different cities on my own.



After graduated from UC, my capstone project, Airy Scoliosis Brace, won:
- US National Winner at James Dyson Award
- Core77 Student Notable
- Exhibited at Dubai International Finance Center.
This provided me with international exposure and valuable connections.Through media reports about the project, my co-founder Jackal discovered me and offered me the role of Chief Product Officer at Dr.Body.



My work experience, awards, and initiative helped me gain admission to Harvard's Master in Design Engineering program offered by the Harvard GSD and SEAS. Over the next two years, I will focus on the topic of increasing accessibility in healthcare and that in other fields, taking classes at Harvard Business School and MIT Media Lab as well.