Deciphering gen AI investment &
how it might impact our day-to-day life


Demystify the complex world of investment and present accessibly and engaging. Reveal the future of Generative AI and its implications for our lives and work.


- Offer investors valuable insights into their preferences, activity levels, and impact on company growth.
- Startups gain a picture of investors and funding scale.
- For the general public, it aids in understanding and navigating the ever-changing tech landscape.


UX engineer

Collect and clean data using pandas, design user interface and visualize data in JavaScript.

What can investment trends reveal about the future of Generative AI and its implications for our lives and work?

News titles scrapped from TechCrunch, Forbes and PYMNTS

Animated in Adobe AfterEffect

Key Insight I: Distinct disparity among sectors

The Information Technology sector leads, accounting for 25 of the top 30 most funded startups, illustrating a strong investor preference.
Following IT is healthcare sector, particularly biomedicine startups, with the B2B sector trailing behind.
Investors, who primarily concentrate on IT, also extend their investments to the healthcare and B2B sectors.

Key insight II: The leading capital provider

Microsoft stands out as the top monetary contributor to generative AI startups, particularly as the largest stakeholder of OpenAI.
With an investment of $1 billion in 2019, escalating to $10 billion in 2023, Microsoft's financial commitment to OpenAI has exponentially increased, surpassing the least deal size in the top 30 funded companies by 100 times.

Key insight II: The most prolific contributor

Coatue Management has been very active in generative AI startup investments. Since 2019 to 2023, they executed 8 deals among the top 30 most funded AI startups.
Their portfolio includes early investments in Data bricks and Scale AI, as well as OpenAI, Runway, and Hugging Face, all of which have now become unicorn startups. The secret to their successful portfolio remains a subject of intrigue.

Key insight II: Undercover contest

The most funded startup, OpenAI, primarily receives funding from Microsoft, while the leading B2B startup, Anthropic, is supported by Amazon and Alphabet.
It appears that these tech giants are competing for dominance in the thriving generative AI field, bolstering their respective forces with billion-dollar investments to consolidate their standing in this emerging industry.

Key insight III: Divergent Financing Models

OpenAI has received substantial funding, notably a $10 billion investment from Microsoft, outperforming other companies.
The launch of ChatGPT and updates to DALL·E have enhanced OpenAI's product range and visibility.
Meanwhile, the database has garnered significant funding through nine rounds and partnerships with numerous investors.

Introduce CapitalCue

Visual Explorations - Team work

Hand sketch in Procreate - Teamwork

Exploration in Figma (teammate) and P5.js

Technical Stack

Started with40 + datasets from Our World in Data, Refinitiv, Statista and Pitchbook etc, we inspected the data critically, and decidedly to adopt 2 of the datasets from Pitchbook with the most holistic information and structure.

P5.js script:

Takeaway#1 - Gather dataset before deciding on topic

It's often difficult to find a dataset that perfectly matches a preconceived topic, so it's more efficient to let the dataset guide your topic choice.

Takeaway#2 - Be discerning with the information included in visualization

Aim to tell a clear story by focusing on the data that answers the proposed question. While colors can enhance the presentation, the main focus should be the information.

Takeaway#3 - Refrain from drawing immediate conclusions from dataset

Presenting a conclusion at the outset can bias the information you highlight, therefore only guide the audience through the visualization and allow them to uncover the insights.

Next steps

Integrate year slider to view the trend of investments across years

Make a page of visualization on specific investor’s behavior when the audience zooms in into investor's profile

Make another page for the pop window’s information, so everything don’t have to cringe together