Deciphering gen AI investment &
how it might impact our day-to-day life

Project context

2023 Academic Project
Data Visualization

My Role

UX designer + engineer


Collect and clean data using pandas
Refine user interface
Visualize data with p5.js

What can investment trends reveal about the future of Generative AI and its implications for our lives and work?

Source: News titles scrapped from TechCrunch, Forbes and PYMNTS


Not everyone enjoys extracting insights from tabular data across platforms.


Investment data is inaccessible as it is expensive and requires understanding of terms.


Insights often lack visual elements, making it hard to be comprehended by the general public.


Offer valuable insights, and impact on their portfolio growth.

Startup founders

Gain a picture of investors on market and funding scale.

general public

Help understanding and navigating the ever-changing tech landscape.

Demystify the complex world of investment and present accessibly and engaging. Reveal the future of Generative AI and its implications for our lives and work through effective visualization.

In thinking about how to motivate better brace wearing habits, I designed Airy...

Gather dataset before deciding on topic

It's often difficult to find a dataset that perfectly matches a preconceived topic, so it's more efficient to let the dataset guide your topic choice.

Be discerning with the information included in visualization

Aim to tell a clear story by focusing on the data that answers the proposed question. While colors can enhance the presentation, the main focus should be the information.

Refrain from drawing immediate conclusions from dataset

Presenting a conclusion at the outset can bias the information you highlight, therefore only guide the audience through the visualization and allow them to uncover the insights.

Next steps

Integrate year slider to view the trend of investments across years

Make a page of visualization on specific investor’s behavior when the audience zooms in into investor's profile

Make another page for the pop window’s information, so everything don’t have to cringe together