Google Nest Fit

Accessible Home Fitness

The Mission

Design a multi-functional home fitness system that blends into the home.

the impact

- All the participants reflect that they are more engaged and more motivated to do home exercise.
- Save the expense for an extra fitness screen device.
- Decrease the possibility of child safety and fitness injury.

my role

- Ideate and develop the concept of the Nest Fit TV, CAD, and prototyping.
- Design the user interface and the animation of the product.
- Conduct user research, concept validation, and user testing.
- Design and build the VR experience showroom of the system.  

Home fitness has gained in popularity since the COVID lockdown

however, most exercisers have run into the following challenges...

Children safety

Having heavy fitness equipment at home poses a potential hazard for curious young children at home.

Lack space

Many families have concerns about having equipment at home which is chunky and doesn’t fit into the home.

Lack guidance

Your peers or professional in the gym couldn’t give you guidance on how to protect yourself from workout injury.

No machinery

It’s expensive to have a treadmill or 50kg dumbbells at home, and storage could be a big problem.

No motivation

Without working out with peers, people could be unmotivated to continue working out.

Competitor analysis


Access to more than 170 moves, and amplifies your training with Smart Accessories.
Digital weight allows lifting up to 200 pounds, in one-pound increments.


All-in-one storage.
3D sensors capture your movements as you work out. Then our AI gives you instant feedback to help you improve.


With a small footprint and elegant design, The Mirror blends seamlessly into your home.
Make a sweat date with friends or compete against the community.

Problem statement


The majority of home fitness equipment is bulky and solely functions as an exercise tool, discouraging consumers with limited living space.


The design, which seems like it belongs in a gym, makes the equipment hard to mix into a residential environment and disrupts the ambiance.


The fitness screen performs similarly to a large TV playing a YouTube video without the use of equipment, posture feedback, and a touch screen.

Lack feedback

The user can only receive illustration-style feedback after the posture has been analysed, which is not intuitive or accurate for them to improve the posture.

Low variety

Dumbbells, bicycle, resistance string, or boutique clas... The majority of home fitness equipment is dedicated to a single workout.

Design objectives


The program keeps track of progress, and recommends exercise program based on the exerciser’s level and improvement.


The program allows user to join a community  with only their friends and gives them positive feedback when they accomplish their goals.

High feedback

Image recognition and heat sensor allow us to capture movement, action then analyze and make sense of it.


The product allows the user to use it for several types of personal training, gamified group workout and streaming service.

Home product

The hardware blends into the rest of the home perfectly with a furniture-like appearance.


Mood board


Final design

Fitness TV

Perfectly horizontal

The back mounting piece is made of sheet metal and contains a snap-in position for a bubble level, which makes it easier for the user to install the TV.

Easy installation

The user simply snaps the TV into the rotating mechanism, which rotates according to the mode selected.

Snap-in cord storage

When the TV spins, the snap-in cable storage design prevents the cable from swinging around and falling off.

Accurate & fast feedback

Equipped with Intel® RealSense Depth Camera D435i and a heat sensor, Nest Fit delivers the most precise and immediate posture feedback.

Switchable visibility

The smart glass that lies between the mirror sheet and the OLED display allows the user to see the reflected screen for personal training while still enjoying a non-reflective screen for Netflix.

Spins for more

Nest Fit may be utilized as a television, a fitness screen for gamified group workouts, or for personal training by spinning 90 degrees.

Smart weight

Teammate’s work scope

Hassle-free weight adjustment

No need to move around the iron piece - the dial features automatic knob rotation to change resistance. The dial coordinates with a motor in the interior to apply resistance in 0.5 lbs. increments.

Workout bench

Teammate’s work scope

Flexible weight location

The smart weight can be attached to a groove on the training bench by raising the bench using the levers on either end. This allows the smart weight to be placed in a variety of positions for varied training.

Simply pull for everything

It’s no longer necessary to use two hands to change the backrest’s angle or open the front storage like always.

I have created 30+ screens for wireframes to represent the interface layout, the flow between the screens and their functional representations.

VR gallery

We brought the scene into Oculus virtual reality gallery for validation test. 5 out of 5 audiences reflect that the scale fits them and they're very excited about the experience.

UI animation

Creator: Sangyu Xi

Context animation

Creator: Son Hoang